Best Total Body Home Workout Equipment and Machines in 2017

The Best Total Body Home Workout Equipment and Machines 2017

Most people believe they need a fully equipped gym in order to train their entire body: but that's what gyms want you to think ! What if you could work your whole body with only one piece of equipment for a fragment of the price while staying in the comfort of your home  ?

We tested over 15 machines and workout equipment by sweating gallons, evaluating durability, ease of use, design and of course the results you can expect from the product. All while panting, gasping, and dying working-out in home comfort.

This review will provide valuable analysis on how to choose the best all-around product, the best muscle-building machine, the best fat-loss machine, and the best value.

Here's the list of the selected products, you can scroll down to check the review:


Weider Pro 8500

All84.7x83x68 inchesDepends on vendor

Body-Solid EXM2500S

All83x84x48 inchesLifetime !

Powerline Home Gym

All80x70x42 inchesFrame - 10 years

Other - 1 year

Bowflex PR1000

All84x38x84 inchesFrame - 1 year

Rods - 5 years

Parts - 60 days

Soozier Power Tower

All except quadriceps80x69x35 inches Depends on vendor


All9.2x8x5.8 inchesDepends on vendor

What is a Full Body Workout Equipment / Machine ?

As the name implies, a total body workout equipment / machine  is a tool that will allow you to get fit by training your entire body.
To train your whole body you will have to workout your main muscle groups, which are your core, legs, back and pectoral muscles. By working these big muscle groups you will also work secondary muscle groups such as your shoulders and arms.

There are two kinds of machines: the muscle-building centered, and the fat-loss centered.

Since many studies demonstrate that it is best to loose fat by building muscle (using resistance training) we will cover the muscle building full body workout equipment / machines in this buyer's guide and review.  
If you want to check out full body workout cardio machines check this review.

People start to really like the idea of using total-body workout equipments because they can work-out from home, time is not an excuse anymore, they save a ton of money (no gym membership) and they don't have to wait, wait and wait that for that machine to get free.

How does a Full Body Workout Equipment / Machine work ?

All of the products we selected come with a user manual and each have their own specifities, but most of the exercise equipment works by being installed onto a wall or on the floor.
Once installed, body-weight devices can be used to perform pull-ups, leg raises, dips, muscle-ups and much more without having to use traditional weights.
With machines, you will also be able to do a variety of exercices by lifting weight through a pulley.
To see great and quick results, your best option is to follow a routine that you can easily find on google.


Best Total Body Workout Equipment / Machine 2017

We wrote down a list that contains the best total body workout equipment and machines in the market, that have been selected for their durability, dimensions, ease of use, design, and the results you can expect.
Now, let’s get into the heart of the matter of the best full body workout equipment and machines of 2017.

1. Weider Pro 8500 – The most complete and cost effective machine

Weider is not just a brand name, but the brand of Joe Weider, an old school bodybuilder and entrepreneur who founded the International Federation of BodyBuilders (IFBB) and created the Mr. Olympia contest that brought Arnold Schwarzenegger to fame !

So this is not some play-around kind of machine, but a high quality machine for those that are serious and motivated to get in shape.
You bet it has the bodybuilder's soul into it and everything you need to become YUGE :
including an adjustable bench (flat, incline, and decline positions) allowing for countless exercise variations, a multi-grip pull-up station: to develop back, shoulder, arms and grip, and a squat rack: if you are serious about building muscle you must. do. squats.

But that's not it ! It also has butterfly arms for chest exercises, a preacher pad for bicep curls,  multiple function pulleys including swivel pulleys, a low pulley, and row plate 6-part foam leg developer for extensions and curls.
This machine is the perfect home-gym with everything you would have in a commercial gym.
But it is not entirely complete without an additional set of olympic weight plates (not included).

The real difference between a true "muscle-building" and a "get in shape" machine is the amount of resistance: to build a lot of muscle you will have to gradually increase the stress placed upon your muscles during exercise training, the more weight you have the more you can get big.
This machine is perfect for that because it allows you to bust your plateaus by adding free weights.

This Weider machine also comes with a full exercise chart to help inform beginners and keep track of your workouts.

  • Complete high quality machine
  • Ease of use for newcomers as well as more experienced lifters.
  • Great eye-pleasing and compact design
  • More than fair price
  • Olympic plates not included.
  • Awkward position on the butterfly exercise

2. Body-Solid EXM2500S – The best machine to get fit for beginners

Body-Solid is a well-known and trusted brand of commercial fitness equipment. It is very likely that your local gym has at least one of theirs.

This is because they are quality machines that can definitely stand a lot of abuse... and for a long period of time (gyms don't want to change their machines every year, so should you).

That's why the Body Solid EXM2500S is an excellent investment if you are just getting into fitness and lifting. It will last you a life-time and has everything you need to start building your physique.

The Body Solid EXM2500S allows for a myriad of exercises without the risk of injuring yourself (no free weights). It's a perfect all-in-one solution: including a chest press, a lat pull down, and cables at different heights allowing the execution of every exercise you can possibly imagine (ab crunches, triceps extensions, deltoid raises, shrugs, bent-over rows, bicep curls, ...).

This machine is great if you want to work-out at home to live a healthier lifestyle, but it is not our recommended option if you want to build a lot of muscle.
This Body-Solid machine also comes with a full workout poster to get you started in the right track.

  • Complete high quality machine
  • Beginner friendly
  • Compact design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quality at a price
  • No leg press or squat station

3. Powerline BSG10X – the best cheap quick start machine option

The Powerline BSG10X is also a Body-Solid machine, but it has been designed for home use instead of commercial.
Body-Solid really put the emphasis on convenience with this machine, as it comes pre-assembled at 90% allowing you to start working out in less than 30 minutes (compared to 6-8 hours for both of the previous machines).

The machine is also extremely compact with a frame less than 4 foot wide, which means it's a great option for those with little space. You'd think they'd compromise on the number of exercises you can do because of it's reduced size, but the BSG10X is extremely versatile: it includes high, mid and low pulleys, 8 position adjustable press arm and leg developer.
Is also included a selection of bars and harnesses for a total of 40 possible exercises.

It's versatility doesn't stop there though, as you can even add a leg press station for around a $100 !

As the Body-Solid EXM2500S, the Powerline BSG10X will get you great results as a beginner and safely.
You should pick the BSG10X if you have a lower budget and are willing to take greater care of your equipment since the warranty is reduced on this machine.

  • Pre-assembled machine
  • Beginner friendly
  • Compact design
  • Versatility (can add leg-press station)
  • Cheap for a full-body cable machine
  • Warranty could be better
  • Cables will need to be changed every year or so

4. Bowflex PR1000 – the best machine for fat loss and toning

Instead of conventional weights or pulley machines,  Bowflex machines use a combination of polymer rods to create constant resistance or tension.
The company holds a patent (U.S. Patent 4,620,704 ) on this "power rod" design conceived by San Franciscan engineering student Tessema Dosho Shifferaw.

The main advantage of the Bowflex PR1000 compared to it's competitors is it has a built-in rowing machine rail allowing to work your strength but also your cardio which can make you loose fat quicker !

This machine is the best choice you can make if you are looking to loose fat and/or build a little bit of muscle: it's high quality, sturdy and durable but really designed for beginners. You will have to focus on tempo and take the time to feel the contraction of your muscles if you want to build a good amount of muscle.
If your priority is to loose fat and tone your body then the Bowflex PR1000 is for you.

The assembly of the machine is easy: it comes with a manual and should take you 1 to 2 hours. The machine also comes with a list of exercises that you can do and there is a ton of Bowflex workouts that you can find online !

  • Affordable machine
  • Great for fat loss
  • Compact design
  • High quality and durable
  • Warranty could be better
  • Not great for building muscle

5. Soozier Power Tower – the best machine for strength-endurance

The Soozier Power Tower is a quality power tower with an added sit-up bench, which makes it very interesting as it allows you to work your abs through different angles but also your hamstrings !

This equipment is for you if your main objective is building your upper body strength endurance for general fitness or if you are getting ready for military, police or firefighter jobs.

The Soozier Power Tower is affordable, very compact and is the best way to get strong really fast. Cable machines will get you fit but the strength acquired does not transfer as well to sports or everyday life.

It can also be a cost effective option to buy one before going to a gym: preparing you in the comfort of your home, gaining strength, learning the basics of lifting, the movement, etc. Many serious lifters started this way as you can progress at least 1-2 years with this machine, saving you a gym membership that would cost more.

The major disadvantage of this equipment is that there is no way to properly work your legs, except for the bench that allows you to do glute ham raises (clic for video), but alternatively you can do what calisthenics athletes do to train them: pistol squats.

  • Cost-effective machine
  • Great for strength endurance
  • Very compact
  • Limited exercises
  • Can be wobbly

6. TRX Suspension Kit – the best equipment to train anywhere

Suspension training allows to get fit and stronger, regardless of where you are. You can workout at the beach, on rooftops, under scaffolds, in your hotel room—or just at home (obviously) !

TRX is easy to set up, as it has an anchor that you can fix on pretty much anything you can imagine (door, straight bar, street lamp, etc). It's a great system whether you want to get in shape or you want to maintain your physique while traveling. It also allows for a great workout in the parc which is a huge benefit.

Like the other equipment, suspension training is excellent to develop strength, power and core muscles. But unlike the other equipment, suspension training has added benefits like improving your balance, joints and flexibility !

The TRX Suspension Kit is your best option if you live in a small place and/or do not want to encumber a room with fitness equipment: these can easily be set up, taken off and stored in their bag.

It is also the equivalent of a complete gym: as you can execute more than a hundred exercises from easy to hard.

  • Strength training with added benefits (balance, joints, etc)
  • Can bring and train anywhere
  • 100s of exercises to choose from
  • Overpriced for what it is

Total Body Workout Equipment Buyer's Guide

Before choosing your full body workout equipment / machine either from the list above or somewhere else, I recommend you to still read our Buyer’s Guide, that will help you understand the main differences between each type of training machine.

So without further ado, let’s follow with our total body workout equipment buying guide.

Bodyweight vs Machines - Which is best for you ?

Bodyweight vs Machines can kind of be summed up to Performance vs Aesthetics. You can build muscle and/or lose fat with both types of training but for performance, machines are at a disadvantage (except our number 1 choice).

Machines were introduced to provide a safe and bio-mechanically correct execution. No doubt that machines are much more comfortable to use compared to body-weight exercises but the strength you will acquire will fail to transfer to your everyday life.
However, you will, of course, still get the health benefits that come with regular exercise.

On the other hand, body-weight machines are experts in performance. You can expect better overall fitness, strength, balance and muscle mass.

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